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Since the foundation of the company, we have worked with a focus on business strategy and marketing, and have contributed to the business development of our clients and the stable foundations of their customers’ livelihood by connecting people to people and companies to companies.


However, we owe what we were and are to “human heart”, which realized the connections, and we might have stopped advancing in the middle way without our clients’ warm supports and voices of joy. It is our joy and mission that our clients grow as we grow.


We will continue to work in a cordial manner and to contribute to the growth and development of the clients, and thereby devote ourselves on the prosperity of everybody who is related to our company. Please feel free to contact us for our service even when making an inquiry for the first time.


Contributing to creating a sound investment culture.


We shall always offer carefully selected products and a comprehensive range of services to our customers after taking into consideration whether such products and services would be able to contribute to creating a sound and strong investment culture in the financial world, without evaluating the quality of our services or our company itself by each service we provide.


Extending support to enterprises with burning passion to perform in the world.


We shall positively play the major role of providing a bridge between your home country and another country to enterprises which intend to make an impact in foreign markets as we are willingly in a position to provide our expertise in overseas markets especially in the field of investment.


Creating a lucrative win-win world together with all of you.


We shall always try to offer advantageous business opportunities to all of our retail clients as well as affiliates after acting honestly, fairly and professionally in accordance with the best interests of our clients from a standpoint of the ‘client’s best interest rule’ and our commitment to this Management Principle. We believe this is our duty, not a target to create the win-win relationship with our clients and affiliates with our steady policy for fair and clear profit allocation among all of us.




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