We examine clients’ enterprise contents by using our own standards and provide specialized consultations.


We analyze and further clarify the clients’ [logistics], [business flow] and [money flow], making suggestions to improve the profit structure and supporting to develop a new model.



Overseas business expansion of international contribution

Deepening friendships and exchanges within the Asian sphere by expanding global perspective, providing a wide variety of information on international markets, providing consultations about and producing new business ventures and business investments in international markets, providing services required by markets in order to satisfy customers, intellectual economic activities, etc.


Making the most use of alliances with the partner companies, we provide supports from the planning stage of overseas business expansion to the market entry stage.


China is also seeking for opportunities overseas in their current economic activities, and we hope to contribute to personnel exchange and international societies while understating the importance of each other and cooperating with each other.



We carefully select our business partners after making a comprehensive assessment of relevant companies with our own screening criterion. The assessment is conducted in an impartial and numerical rating method by at least two persons. We conclusively decide whether we can introduce the company to our clients or not with the final score of each company.


Alliance with various business partners

With the advancement of IT technologies and the dramatic spread of computer systems,times are now taking on new dimensions in recent years.
We provide the best services by looking at the flow of the times and surely understanding the clients’ needs, and we thereby provide business strategies which fit them and solutions in the information society, which is becoming increasingly massive and networked, as well as supporting alliances with business partners.


We can provide information which arises in various industries and business operations in the way which fits the clients’ needs.